Engines, Carburetor, Fuel Injected
There are many myths about winter driving that our grandparents, parents, and we live by. Today, we discuss one in particular that many still believe to be true, but due to the way our engines are currently built, we actually no longer have to worry about this issue, say, more than ten seconds. 

What I am referring to is the amount of time we spend warming up our Toyota engines in the dead of winter. We usually like to give ourselves plenty of time, about 5-10 minutes to warm up our car before we drive it because we may believe a cold engine might somehow "break" or not work properly when we hit the gas pedal immediately, or we just simply prefer to have warm air blowing back at us after braving the elements to step inside our cars. Whatever your reason for letting your car idle for an extended period of time, you actually do not have to do it. The reality is, your vehicle will warm up just as fast if you drive it as opposed to just letting it sit because of the efficiency of a car’s modern fuel injection engine as opposed to those with carburetors. Carburetors relied on idling to warm up the engine in order to make it possible to drive.

Another contributing factor as to why you only need ten seconds to start your car is due to the amount of wasted money and fuel efficiency that comes with letting your car idle for more than 10 seconds. Nobody likes wasting fuel and energy sitting in your car when you could be going places. However, if you are the type who likes to play it safe and be warm as you enter your car (because we all like being warm), and you don’t mind wasting just the tiniest bit of fuel for comfort and peace of mind, there isn’t any hurt in letting your car idle for maybe a minute before you head on your way, but any more is just costing you your gas.

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