Toyota RAV4 Intelligent Light Control

After Toyota conquered the use of radar and camera information to provide advanced technological safety factors in their Cruise Control system and to detect pedestrian traffic, they moved into the dark of night to create another technological miracle. Observing the factors of oncoming traffic headlights and outgoing tail lights, the engineers devised a way to increase visibility at night.

At issue was the use of high-beam headlights to better illuminate areas in front of the vehicle. Rules outside the control of engineers govern the candlepower of headlights. However, they could set up a program to automatically switch back and forth between high-beam and low-beam. Using the in-vehicle camera to detect oncoming headlights or outgoing teal lights, the engineers produced a High-Beam Headlight Control system that automatically switches the beams.

To see this program in action, visit Wellesley Toyota, located here in Wellesley, MA and take a night-time test drive.

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