The Toyota C-HR's Safety Features

The subcompact SUV market is growing in popularity, offering drivers the maneuverability of a sedan paired with the capability of a much larger SUV. Toyota's C-HR is an excellent choice for drivers that want a roomy cabin with plenty of visibility, smooth suspension, superior road handling and a range of modern safety features.

Vehicles are getting smarter all the time, and the C-HR is no exception. Its onboard safety features include an array of sensors and cameras that are able to track the movement of surrounding traffic. When engaged in cruise control, the C-HR can enable evasive action by slowing the car to a standstill if there is an obstruction ahead.

When the C-HR is driving around town, it will alert the driver if its shape recognition technology senses a pedestrian is dangerously close. The vehicle will also warn the driver when it begins to stray out of its lane above certain speeds.



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