The 2019 Toyota Yaris has a redesigned subcompact frame for optimum urban driving. When you cruise the streets of Wellesley in this affordable vehicle, you'll have access to class-leading safety technology. Wellesley Toyota provides details on the advanced and standard active safety features in this model.

The Active Safety System consists of several features that improve handling in hazardous situations. For instance, the Traction Control System optimizes contact between the front wheels and a slippery surface. The stopping distance on a wet road is also reduced by the Brake Assist function.

In the accident-avoidance category, the 2019 Yaris has the patented Low-Speed Pre-Collision System that's designed to prevent crashes. By continuously measuring the distance to another car that's in front of you, this technology prepares the brakes for fully engagement. If necessary, the front and rear brakes will be fully applied to avoid an accident when you don't attempt to stop.



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