If you want to learn how to drive cars in a fast and fun manner, the Toyota 86 is the perfect Sports car to learn on. Toyota has fine-tuned the 86 to be extremely easy to control and as predictable as any other car on the road.

One reason the 86 is so easy to control is because of how much grip it has. The 86 comes with functional aerodynamics that keeps the car stable at higher rates of speed. The 86 also allows you to completely turn off the traction control system so you can learn how to control the 86 at its limits without assistance from the computers. This amount of freedom and control allows you to learn more on the 86 than you would with other sports cars.

Toyota has managed to make the 86 a complete sane car to drive in Wellesley while also being a car that you can blast around corners on the weekend. The best way to experience the driving characteristics of the 86 is for you to stop by Wellesley Toyota and go on a test drive.


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