Since its a full-size sedan, the Toyota Avalon provides tons of space for the driver and passengers. Sitting inside the Avalon becomes even more enjoyable, and safer, thanks to all the incredible technology features. Toyota put enormous effort into making sure the model came packed brilliantly advanced auto tech perks.

The Avalon comes with a 7-inch, multi-information display that allows drivers to review important information quickly. Besides seeing how far you drove, what the outside temperature is, and what the engaged gear is, you can see info about safety programs. These programs include parking assist, blind-spot monitoring, and more.

Connect your iPhone to the touchscreen through Apple CarPlay. Access news, music, podcasts along with vital programs such as the GPS and the phone itself. And it is all hands-free, too.

Nothing tells you more about the Toyota Avalon than a test drive in Wellesley. The team at Wellesley Toyota can set you up with one.


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