Champion of Power & Safety: Toyota Highlander

It's not hard to see why Toyota Highlander is one of the most popular midsize SUVs on the market. Its cabin space, amenities, power and handling come with a host of dynamic safety features that genuinely impress our entire Wellesley Toyota team.

Free Maintenance & Roadside Assistance

Safety is about more than tech; it also entails routine maintenance to keep safety systems functioning at optimal levels. Highlander comes with ToyotaCare, a two-year/25,000-mile care plan covering all normal factory-scheduled service. Plus, it's free and includes roadside assistance, such as winching, towing, lockout, jumps and emergency fuel.

Automatic Braking via Parking Assist

​Backing into parking spaces or easing forward out of them is especially challenging when you have an SUV full of kids or other passengers. Highlander monitors what's in front of you and behind you as well as crossing traffic. If it detects a vehicle or person crossing behind you or in front of you as your moving out of or backing into a parking space, it issues an alert and brakes automatically if needed.

Swing by our Wellesley dealership today to test drive Toyota Highlander. We thank you in advance for your visit.


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