Have you heard about the Toyota 86’s TRD Handling Package? What about its boxer-four engine? These are two of the most outstanding assets that this appealing Toyota vehicle can offer you when it comes to performance. For Wellesley Toyota drivers who are concerned about power, the boxer-four engine certainly delivers.

This 2.0L flat-four boxer engine packs great potency into a compact unit. Balance and performance are emphasized, and the boxer-four engine is quite low-sitting in the chassis. Whether your precious Toyota 86 comes with an intuitive automatic-equipped transmission or a powerful manual-equipped transmission, you can definitely put your faith in the boxer-four engine.

Wellesley Toyota expects the TRD Handling Package to impress drivers just as much as the boxer-four engine, though. Its highlights include Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires, stellar Brembo brakes and dependable SACHS dampers. These factors contribute to the remarkable performance of the Toyota 86.


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