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The Truth Behind Leasing A New Vehicle: The Professional's Choice

by Nai Nan Ko Jr., General Manager of Wellesley Toyota

As a professional of the automotive industry, I’ve witnessed too often the trepidation from the word “lease.” No matter whether he is a new customer or an old friend, eyes widen, shoulders rise, and hands are drawn: “No, I don’t want to lease a new car because I want to own my new car” is often the immediate reaction I hear.

The immediate reaction is understandable. Yes, when you lease a vehicle, you do not own the vehicle. To best understand a lease, think of it as a…

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Why You Don't Need To Warm Your Toyota Up In The Morning

There are many myths about winter driving that our grandparents, parents, and we live by. Today, we discuss one in particular that many still believe to be true, but due to the way our engines are currently built, we actually no longer have to worry about this issue, say, for more than ten seconds. 

What I am referring to is the amount of time we spend warming up our Toyota engines in the dead of winter. 

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Changes Coming in MA State Vehicle Safety and Emissions Inspections


Annual car inspections are an essential part of owning a car, just like getting an oil change and filling up the gas tank. But beginning October 1, the Massachusetts Vehicle Check program will be more thorough, making the process of updating your inspection sticker a bit more time consuming.

The state is mandating the installation of cameras for newly required snapshots of license plates, odometers and VIN numbers as well as surveillance cameras to make...

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