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Here at Wellesley Toyota, we recognize that customers are changing the way they buy, but car dealerships are still selling cars the same way they were 60 years ago. We are looking to change that with the Now Way, which we believe is how today's customer wants to buy a car. As the first dealership in New England to adopt the Now Way, we are looking to change the way you buy a car, and we promise you will absolutely love your experience here.

 Wellesley Toyota Geniuses:

Wellesley Toyota employs non-commissioned product specialists known as "Toyota Geniuses". Toyota Geniuses are paid hourly, and are extensively trained on every Toyota product so they can help you find the right vehicle with neither bias nor pressure.

Think of them as your personal assistant when it comes to choosing your next car. They know every model, trim, color, and option that Toyota has to offer, so they are able to give you expert and unbiased advice to help you find the perfect car for your needs. And when your purchase is done and you come to pick up your car, a Product Genius will sit with you for as long as you like going over every feature of your new car, so when you drive off it feels like you've owned the car for months.

Wellesley Toyota Sales Managers:

We've learned that the "Now" customer wants to deal with one person during their entire purchasing experience, so we've gotten rid of the old system where you have to speak with 3 or 4 different people before you can finally drive away in your new car.

Here at Wellesley Toyota, you will work with one Sales Manager from the moment you step into the store all the way to when you drive away with your new car. The Sales Manager is your single point of contact for the entire purchase process. They perform pricing negotiations, evaluate trade appraisals, help you with leasing and financing solutions, offer after-sell insurance protections, and oversee your vehicle's final preparation.

We created this sales process to streamline your experience and make it transparent, easy, and fun!

So come to Wellesley Toyota to experience
The Now Way
The Dealership Experience You've Always Wanted

We dealt with one individual who handled finding the car, negotiating the price, discussing the options regarding financing, etc. It was nice not to be bounced back and forth between different individuals.
Paul Morton (1/2/14)

Our experience was excellent from all the individuals at Wellesley - internet sales, Chris Davey (sales manager), receptionist, sales assistant, service. We have raved to our friends. This is how it should be done. Everything was handled in a timely and professional manner. We will return to Wellesley first first all our future car purchases. They were simply kind, professional, and courteous people with a great dealership. Keep it going!
David Patch (5/2/14)
Andrew made it very quick and painless, something we weren't expecting from a car buying experience.
Catherine Liang (5/17/14)

This truly was the perfect buying experience all the way around.
Zachary Gourley (3/31/14)

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