The Toyota Sienna is now available with the industry first factory installed power rotating lift-up Auto Access Seat. Toyota is the only automobile manufacturer to offer this passenger-friendly mobility model. 

The seat rotates ninety degrees then extends from the vehicle and lowers to a convenient transfer height, making for easy entry and exit. The Auto Access Seat matches the interior of your Sienna whether you order leather or fabric, and since it's a model grade - not an accessory - the Sienna with Auto Access Seat is covered under the comprehensive three-year factory warranty. 

Caregivers for the elderly and parents of children with disabilities will appreciate the back-saving assistance provided by the power lift-up functionality and the dignity with which passengers load and unload. The Auto Access Seat meets all federal motor vehicle safety standards and is universally suited for all ISO-FIX child seats. 

Because the seat is specifically engineered for the Sienna, safety features prevent the power door from operating if the seat is deployed and keeps the shifter in Park. The seat is operated by buttons on the seat base but a wireless remote feature adds convenience. The Auto Access Seat is available in either LE or XLE model grades. 

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Toyota Sienna with Auto Access Seat | TOYOTA

Some features of the Toyota Sienna Auto Access Seat

The auto access seat is available on the LE or XLE grade Sienna van manufactured in our Princeton Indiana assembly plant. It offers ease of use with one touch operation from a wireless remote control that minimizes the amount of effort to get in and out of the Sienna. Some of the features include: 

  • Factory designed and built by Toyota in Indiana
  • Seat is residualized in new car financing
  • New car warranty, serviced at any Toyota dealership
  • Available in LE, XLE grades, popular colors 
  • Seat comes in cloth or leather - matches interior 
  • Lift capacity rated at 330 lbs 
  • Seat is powered by vehicle battery, not an aux power source 
  • Meets all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) 
  • Child seat friendly, includes ISO-FIX latches 
  • Full-function factory seat in retracted position 
  • Only 144 lbs heavier than standard seat 
  • Manual override capability 
  • Auto recline seat back for easy entry and exit 
  • Seat mounted switches for operation by caregiver 
  • Can be stopped at any vertical travel point 
  • Wireless remote control - no wires to tangle or pinch 
  • Seat control integrated w/ vehicle's safety system 
  • Perfect for anyone needing help getting in and out