The Appealing Exterior of the Toyota Tundra


   The Toyota Tundra is a large pickup truck that is the perfect truck for general transportation and for work purposes. This truck has the reputation for reliable driving both on the roadway and off-road. This truck has a good track record for repairs.

The Toyota Tundra provides two different options when it comes to the vehicle's wheels. The 18-inch aluminum wheels are standard. There is an option for 20-inch alloy wheels. The 20-inch wheels are especially good for off-road purposes. The Toyota Tundra also comes with LED fog lights manufactured by Rigid Industries. These fog lights are particularly bright…
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Cargo and Passenger Room in the 2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid


In the 2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, there's plenty of room to take your family out for a road trip. This popular hybrid crossover SUV features a spacious interior with cargo room that can be adapted to your changing needs.

There's enough room to carry five passengers comfortably. Behind the second row of seats is the cargo area. It's accessible by the rear liftgate. If you don't need seats for five, you can fold down the second row to increase your cargo space. The seats feature a 60/40 split. When both seats are folded down, you…

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Toyota RAV4 Performance Features

The Toyota RAV4 is one of the most popular crossover SUVs on the road today. That is why we here at Wellesley Toyota are so excited about the arrival of the new 2018 model!

This crossover SUV has a four-cylinder 176 horsepower engine which means it's got plenty of power to get the job done on a weekend getaway but is fuel efficient enough to save you tons of money every single month. Also, car buyers will enjoy using the paddle shifters to switch gears. This gives the SUV a very sports car and racing feel which driving enthusiasts…
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See yourself in the 2018 Toyota Camry

What do you see when you walk up to the 2018 Camry? Today our team here at Wellesley Toyota is excited to explore the exterior of this popular midsize sedan with you.

When you see the Camry for the first time, its redesigned exterior will leave an impression. You can give your Camry an aggressive appearance with the available gloss-black grill. Add in the sport mesh and you have a highly detailed front that is designed to impress.

You can take the sporty look even further with the available dual exhaust. With the chrome tips, you get a powerful look…

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Toyota Camry Comes Packed with Useful Safety Features

There are a number of reasons why the Toyota Camry is a popular midsize sedan, and safety features certainly top the list with many drivers.

One of the safety features in the Toyota Camry that is getting tons of attention this year is the Automatic High Beams. As soon as it gets dark, the high beams automatically turn on, increasing visibility on the road. If the system detects another driver coming towards your car, the low beams come on. Once clear, then the high beams turn on without driver assistance.

Another feature in the Toyota Camry is the Dynamic Radar…
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Toyota RAV4: Style and Comfort are a Must

Toyota RAV4 is among the popular crossover SUVs because of stylish design, good performance and plenty of room. Let's not forget its interior features, which only add to its likability.

Stay snuggly warm on chilly nights with multi-stage heated front seats. You'll also be able to relax more because the front seats are power-adjustable and have deep, supportive bolsters for added comfort. While enjoying the ride, also enjoy the view with the RAV4 power moonroof. Tilt or slide the moonroof to let a little outside come inside. Don't worry about the sun beaming too strongly into the…

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How Innovative is the World's Best-Selling Car?

It is rare when a vehicle becomes the best-selling car on the planet and even more rare when it continues to hold this distinction for many years. The Toyota Corolla wears this crown proudly and continues to get even better.

A significant breakthrough includes the emergence of the Corolla’s performance capabilities. These increase frequently as new innovations are added each model year. Intelligent technologies constantly adjust the 1.8L 4-cylinder engine to burn less fuel and generate more horsepower, up to 140 in some cases. Even with the extra power...


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The Unique Exterior Design of the Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR is a unique vehicle in the Toyota lineup. This is a compact SUV that is just the right size for maneuvering around the streets of Wellesley. The C-HR is smaller than some SUVs, but it still offers plenty of room in a sporty package.

The Toyota C-HR has 18-inch wheels with a vortex design. These eye-catching wheels are manufactured from a lightweight alloy, and they blend in well with the overall sporty feel of the vehicle. The C-HR comes standard with bright, halogen lights in both the front and rear of the vehicle. The daytime running lights…

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Get Fast and Affordable Spring Auto Service at Wellesley Toyota

Whether you're driving something brand-new or you're in a used vehicle with some years on it, the importance of keeping your vehicle well-maintained is all the same; a healthy vehicle means a safer and more efficient drive, and the spring weather basically demands you get out for a long cruise! We here at Wellesley Toyota hold your safety in the highest regard and, with our team of skilled and experienced service center technicians on the case, you can rest assured that any issue or oddity your vehicle is displaying will be addressed and assessed with skill you can…

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A Memorable Road Trip with a Used Vehicle from Wellesley Toyota

We here at Wellesley Toyota know that drivers from all over Massachusetts are absolutely loving the warmer weather and sunnier skies that spring brings, and now is one of the best times to get out and take a road trip with your friends and family! Of course, if you don't have a vehicle to drive, that can put a bit of a wrench in your plans. So, to help you all out as much as we can, we'd love to direct you to our wide selection of used vehicles of all types, sure to get you grinning from…

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