How does Wellesley Toyota determine the pricing of its pre-owned vehicles?

Once a vehicle has been traded in, we will assess the vehicle and its overall condition. We then research the market of that vehicle to determine competitors' prices. Our final step is to bring the vehicle in for a 160 point inspection, a reconditioning, and removal of dents and scratches to determine how much work went into making the vehicle like new.


Where does Wellesley Toyota get its pre-owned inventory?

We get our pre-owned inventory from many sources, but the most common are trade-ins, independent sellers, and wholesale auctions.


How does Wellesley Toyota ensure these pre-owned cars are safe to drive?

All of our pre-owned vehicles go through a CARFAX history report as well as a rigorous 160-point inspection to ensure safety. When it passes inspection it becomes a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.


What is "Certified Pre-Owned", and does it cost any extra?

A Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is a vehicle, usually five years old or less, that goes through a thorough inspection to be declared a "like new" vehicle. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles give customers peace of mind that the vehicle they purchase is not just a used car, but one that guarantees them reliability and many benefits that new cars have such as extended warrantees.

For more on our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, click here.


Can I finance a pre-owned vehicle? 

Yes, you can finance a pre-owned vehicle from Wellesley Toyota.


Can I lease a pre-owned vehicle? 

No, we do not lease pre-owned vehicles from Wellesley Toyota typically because the residual value of the leased vehicle becomes too low.


Will the vehicle cost any more or less if I am paying in all cash?

No, your form of payment will not influence the price of your vehicle.


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