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August 19, 2014

We bought a 2011 Acura RDX from John Mansour. He took the very best care of us, our trade and the pricing in the Acura

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June 21, 2014
Natick, MA

I have a lovely new used Toyota Highlander in my driveway today and it is because of the wonderful and patient car consultant, Nathan Ingram at Wellesley Toyota. After 2001 Honda Odyssey died at the end of April I began the quest for the perfect used car, that would fill all my needs and not break the bank. This search ended up being a 7 week odyssey!! I knew I was done with a minivan but I had no idea what I did want. Nathan joined me early on in my search. Wellesley Toyota had been recommended to me and Nathan was the lucky fellow who asked if he could help me. I was first interested in the Rav4, so we drove one of those. They also had Scions at the dealership and so I tried one of those. All the time Nathan is answering all of my questions. Not finding the car I needed, my quest took me to other dealerships and different brands of cars, still looking for a vehicle that was going to fill all my needs. At many of these car establishments I was not treated very nicely, some laughed at me, some scolded me and some even mocked me for my desire to try different cars so I could figure out which car was right for me. During this time I told people that I would love to buy a car from Nathan as he was one of the few salesmen who showed me respect and listened to what I had to say. A few weeks later I went back to Nathan and tried another car then went home to access. After about a month I had figured out that I wanted a Toyota Highlander, it is a safe car, has a third row and has a max. cargo area of 94 cubic feet!!!! It also comes as a hybrid and they had a used hybrid highlander at Wellesley so I called Nathan. Around Wellesley Nathan and I drove, and I liked the car but even a used hybrid has a steep price tag. So yet again I thank Nathan and head on my way. Then last week I saw online that Wellesley Toyota had a used Highlander with everything I had been looking for (not hybrid but I had already let that one go). Once again I emailed Nathan and set up a test drive, and this was the car!!!! During all of the negotiations and paperwork, Nathan helped me feel full informed which was such a blessing as this was a huge purchase. Never once did I ever feel like Nathan was frustrated or discontented working with me, and I can't say that for many of the other salesmen that I worked with. Since I spent 7 weeks out and about in the world of used cars, I feel confident to say that Nathan Ingram is a wonderful person to buy a car from!! He made this exhausting and daunting experience a joy and I am SO happy with my new cypress green Highlander!! Thank you Nathan, Shaun and Wellesley Toyota! peace

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March 22, 2014
Leominster, MA

I found the vehicle I was looking for on line, a white 2011 Toyota Camry at Wellesley Toyota. This was a little distance for me but I am so glad that I made the trip and that I purchased my vehicle from them, they made the whole process so easy and everyone was friendly and easy to talk with. When I called I spoke with Alens constant, he was so helpful and he set up an appointment for me. When I got there he had the car ready for me to take a test drive. On the test drive Alens took the time to explain all the features on the car, he was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions. Being a used vehicle there were a few things that I was concerned about. Alens addressed all my concerns and made sure that all the items were taken care of to my satisfaction. I was introduced to Shaun Fisher and he was also very helpful, we discussed the price and also a trade- in value for my car. I needed some time to think about this purchase so I was able to put a refundable deposit until I made my final decision. I was introduced to John Mansour who handle the financing, I told him what I wanted for an interest rate and he was able to get me a better rate than I had asked for, now that's going above and beyond. Everyone there did exactly that, they went above and beyond! Great customer service and very friendly. Calls were always returned and everyone followed through as they said they would. I am so happy with my car and I can honestly say I would recommend Wellesley Toyota to all my family and friends. A great big shout out to Allens, Shaun and John, thank you for your time and for a great experience in the purchase of my new vehicle.

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March 19, 2014
Andover, MA

Alens was pleasant to work with; the customer service met above expectations. Our time was limited, due to our 15-month old and a busy work/life balance, he recognized our need to: maximize car viewing, expedite decision making and limit our trips to Wellesley Toyota. On his own accord, Alens brought a vehicle from another dealership, and had all three cars ready for a test drive upon our arrival. One of the cars (2011 Subaru Outback, Limited), which we ended up buying, was of particular interest. We were able to put down a 100% refundable deposit, confirming the car would be present several days after it was found, because our schedule did not permit an immediate visit.

Haggling over the ultimate vehicle price and trade-in value of our old Subaru, could have gone a little faster; however, after the price was determined, financing was a breeze (thanks Shaun Fisher). The paid service to have Toyota manage plates transfer and overall DMV paperwork was worth the cost. I was contacted when the registration was received and the dealership completed the inspection for free. At the same time, they completed a free detail of the car and got us extra keys. The kid's play space was appreciated: a clean environment where my baby could be curious and interactive without bothering other customers.

Having never bought a car from a dealership before, I was pleasantly surprised with the entire staff at Wellesley Toyota and hope to return in the future.

Johanna Chesley

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March 13, 2014
Lunenburg, MA

I purchased a 2011 Toyota Sienna AWD Limited. The price was very fair and the vehicle was exactly as described online and through email. The dealer told me it was in one accident, had some minor dings/chips in the paint, but overall was in excellent shape. They got me a better finance rate than I could get through my own credit union, and fixed a few minor things that needed to be done. While it was being repaired, they provided me with a loaner vehicle which made my life a lot easier. Kevin was great, Shaun Fisher helped me with the financing and he was excellent as well. Service did a great job with the minor repairs and I have to say it was one of the most pleasant buying experiences I have had. I had bought two previous vehicles at Acton Toyota of Littleton, had great buying experiences there, but they did not have the used Sienna I was looking for. I was nervous about going to another dealer, but Toyota of Wellesley is right up there with Acton Toyota in my book can't go wrong at either dealer.

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March 04, 2014
Framingham, MA

First let me say that we did not end up purchasing a vehicle from Wellsely Toyota. However, I would recommend anyone who wants a Toyota to visit this dealership. They use a new model to handle car sales and we found this to be a breath of fresh air. The way it was explained to us was Martin was our salesman, finance advisor and manager all rolled into one. He would never leave to talk to anyone else when negotiating and would not need to have us waiting for someone to free up to do the finance portion. In fact, he wouldn't even take us out for a test drive, a product specialist (Wesley) would do that for us and explain the vehicle.

We already knew what type of vehicle we wanted, but they didn't have any on the lot, except one that was just sold. Wesley took us over to the sold lot to look at the inside of the car and see all the options available on that trim. When we got back inside, Martin found a vehicle that was incoming that fit all our needs. He showed us the MSRP and the invoice price. I showed him a quote I got from one other dealer and asked if he could match it, which he could not. He lowered the price as much as he could, and it was still more than what the other dealer was offering. We even tried to have him throw in a few extras and we'd take the deal right then and there to offset the price difference, but there wasn't much more he could do. We liked not only the location (closer to home) of this dealership but also how they approached their business, but in the end money talks and we ended up going with the other dealership.

I have to say that I did like their service area as well, so while we did get a vehicle from another location, we will probably bring the car in for maintenance here.

I would highly recommend anyone looking at Toyota to give this dealership a try. No pressure, no slimy salesmen, but a very pleasant experience, even though we didn't purchase from here.

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February 28, 2014
Brockton, MA

The customer service at wellesley Toyota was excelent, the sales person Nathan Ingram was very helpful, curteous and professional.
I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good car and great customer service.

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February 20, 2014
Wayland, MA

I could not have had a better car buying experience than my recent Toyota purchase from Ellen Traganos of Wellesley Toyota.

I was out kicking tires one day, looking for a used car for my son who had just passed his driving test. Rather than head out to walk the lot, Ellen made sure she understood exactly what I wanted and quickly honed in on my concerns about my son's safety in winter driving as well as the potential for maintenance issues when buying a used vehicle.

She zeroed in on the RAV4 which features AWD and then located one that still had 21 months and 23,000 miles remaining on it's of bumper-to-bumper warranty. To sweeten the pot, the vehicle had 9 months and 11,000 miles of Toyota Care - their free maintenance program - so I will not have any expenses for scheduled maintenance for nearly a year!

Ellen & I quickly came together on a very competitive price and - in less than an hour - I had made one of my easiest vehicle purchases.

We picked up the car a few days later and it runs like a charm - I'll be shocked if I ever need the bumper-to-bumper warranty but it is sure comforting to know it's there. More important, I can not say how relieved I have been knowing that my son has AWD as he drives off into another of the multiple snowstorms we have had this past month.

Great job Ellen!

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February 17, 2014
Shrewsbury, MA

This was my first time buying a used car and Jason and Shaun made it so easy! They were helpful in finding just the right car for me and walked me through the process. They were generous with their time and knowledge.

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February 18, 2014
Holliston, MA

On Saturday 2/26/2014, I bought my first car from Toyota of Wellesley. I was apprehensive going on my own to buy my first car as some of my experiences with other dealers were less than comfortable. My experience at this dealership, Toyota of Wellesley, exceeded my expectations on the quality of customer service that I received. Both John and Nathan were very professional, knowledgeable and treated me with great respect.

I brought my dad to get his input on the final decision and he was so impressed with their follow up to details, that he has ordered a car from them as well. After I had purchased the car, the level of service has been just as impressive. Nathan took time and went through all the features of the car with me and my dad. He took his time in making sure that I knew how to work everything and that all my questions were answered.

For my first time buying a car, I have to say that my overall experience couldn't have gone any smoother. Great place to buy a car and really excellent customer service.

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