Toyota Oil Change Tips

Oil Changes Are Important

The same engineers who designed your vehicle offer recommendations on how to keep it running smoothly, and you can find these in your owner's manual. Regular maintenance of systems in your engine will not only give you smooth, reliable service in the short term but will also extend your engine's lifespan, giving you better value for your investment to drive around Boston.



The oil in your engine provides a dual purpose. It moves through various systems, keeping them lubricated and moving freely. At the same time, it also picks up microscopic metal shavings that slough off of engine parts and any road dust or other dirt that can clog delicate engine parts. Because oil keeps things running in Waltham, it helps to reduce heat buildup in your engine, as it lowers the friction created by moving parts.



It's easy to see when your oil is dirty. Pulling the dipstick from the engine and wiping it on a clean paper towel will show its color and what its level is. You can follow your owner's manual guidelines for when to change your oil, but if it's looking dirty or low before you hit the recommended mileage, you may want to have it done early. It's also important not to skip oil changes if you haven't reached your mileage yet. If your car isn't being driven, the oil will still break down over time as it absorbs moisture from condensation.



If your check oil engine light ever illuminates, find a safe place and pull over as soon as you can to call for service in Newton or Cambridge. A sudden drop in pressure or other issues can initiate the oil warning light, and the longer you drive in that state, the more damage you will do to your engine.



At Wellesley Toyota, we're happy to help you with every aspect of vehicle care. Be sure to check with us often to see if we're running specials on the kinds of service you need, which can help you to save even more money on things like oil changes and filter replacements. We always give your engine the best by using manufacturer recommended oils and filters.

December 8, 2022
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