Our vehicle detailing professionals will expertly and thoroughly hand wash, shampoo, wax and high speed buff your vehicle. Our vehicle detailers have many years of experience restoring dull and/or scratched paint, and cleaning leather, fabric and chrome surfaces so that your car looks factory-new. 

We have a variety of detailing packages available. To schedule an appointment, please call 888-556-7538 or fill out the form on the right and one of our service advisers will get back to you as soon as possible. Fully detailing your car takes time and care, so please plan to leave your vehicle with us for a full day.

Please choose from the following automotive detailing options:

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Additional services:
  • Pet hair removal: $35 per seat; $60 front carpet; $60 rear carpet; $50 trunk area
  • Underside power wash to remove salt: $25
  • Buffing scratches: $60 per panel (roof and hood each count as two panels due to size) - first panel includes basic exterior rinse
  • Sap removal: $60 per panel (roof and hood each count as two panels due to size)
  • Ceiling lining cleaning: $120
  • Cloudy headlight restoration: $169.95 
If you require any other cleaning/detailing services not listed, please call us at 888-556-7538 to discuss.